Thursday, November 24, 2011

Press release

Parveen Kaur Ghatorora is participating in a group exhibition at the Whitecliffe College of Art & Design along with her fellow Bachelor of fine art students. The event will take place in the Whitecliffe College studio space and gallery.

Parveen Kaur was born in Mumbai, India in 1985. Her schooling is from Mumbai, after which she completed her Diploma in fine art from Rachana Sansad College, Academy of Fine Arts and Craft, Mumbai, India. After the three-year diploma she went to New Zealand for further studies. She graduated with an advance diploma in fine arts from the Design and Art College of New Zealand, Christchurch. Currently she is pursuing a degree in Bachelor of Fine Art from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design. 

Parveen’s current art practice deals with gender and cultural issues in India. Though the Indian society is fast progressing, there are still hierarchies in gender in India. Women are physically tortured on the name of dowry after marriage and there have been many incidents and cases that have occurred. There are obligations for women in many regards to different issues. Hearing about issues in India especially in lower class and some incidents that I have seen and heard gave a source to make a contemporary artwork based on these gender issues. Also it used to think about the lives of women across India centuries ago and today how it would have been, questioning about the situations and obligations like Indian women have faced and still facing are the women overseas going through same or living a peaceful life. 

Parveen has tried to interpret the gender related issues practiced in India centuries ago and today and expanding her artwork by looking at the lives and situations of women universally.
This exhibition is a stepping-stone for all the graduating students of this year to enter the competitive art world.

                            Parveen Kaur Thakur  
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